What is offset printing?

Digital printing is plate-less printing by taking digital images and printing them onto a surface (generally paper). Digital printing involves the direct application of ink to the surface instead of requiring a printing plate to be inked and transferred onto a printing surface.

Offset printing benefits?

Digital printing offers fast turnarounds to meet tight deadlines because it’s plate-less. It also offers Variable Data Printing or VDP to support “On Demand” printing. This allows your printed material to be produced as needed enabling you to have file changes to keep printed pieces relevant, and you no longer need to store boxes of marketing collateral.

Offset Printing Equipment?

Digital printing equipment is less expensive that traditional offset printing equipment. Just consider how you print a document or image from your own computer through an ink jet or laser printer, except ours is on a bigger scale.

Offset Printing Costs?

Digital printing is significantly less expensive for individual or small runs due to the very low setup costs for ink, paper and equipment relative to professional printing, however digital printing for most large-scale printing runs does remain more expensive.